Why invest in Coaching?

Following are 20 statements that could determine if Organisational Coaching can benefit your organisation.

Please consider your response to these statements in the context of agree or disagree.

  1. Leaders are operating at their highest potential.
  2. The Leadership Team is operating at it’s highest potential.
  3. The organisation operates more as a collective rather than as a group of individuals.
  4. There is a high level of trust between teams and leaders.
  5. There is a high level of trust within the leadership team.
  6. There is no identifiable dysfunction within the organisation that could impact on the organisational health, safety and productivity? (i.e. elevated stress levels and resultant absenteeism, strained relationships and conflict, not meeting production targets, safety incidents)
  7. The organisation is more motivated by the efficacy of organisational practices rather than results and financial outcomes.
  8. There are limited cultural artefacts that impact on the organisations ability to engage in a cultural transformation process.
  9. The organization actively encourages the development of its people through formal or informal mentor relationships.
  10. Role clarity  is well understood within the organisation.
  11. There is a high level of knowledge transfer across the organisation.
  12. The organisation demonstrates an inclusive and collaborative leadership style.
  13. The organisation promotes bottom up communication and innovation from it’s team members.
  14. The organisation communicates lessons learned as an organisation rather than targeting individuals or work groups.
  15. Diversity of opinion and process improvement is actively sought within the organization irrespective of hierarchy.
  16. The organization’s strategy and values are well defined,  understood and embraced by organizational members.
  17. There is strong evidence that the espoused values of the organisation are being lived at all organisational levels.
  18. Leadership exhibits high levels of emotional intelligence.
  19. Leadership styles tend to be more transformational than transactional.
  20. The organisation is operating at its full potential.

How many statements did you agree with versus disagree?
The higher the level of disagreement to the above statements indicates that Organisational Coaching could benefit your organisation.

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