Our Coaching Process

Our Coaching revolves around our 3E model – Engage, Explore, and Evolve at the organisational, leadership, team and individual level.

The Engagement process establishes clarity around the coaching objectives, from either an individual personal or professional development perspective, or understanding the organisations vision and strategic direction in determining goal identification. This determines the coaching methodology and what part the stakeholders will engage in throughout the learning journey.

The scaffold of the coaching relationship and quality of the coaching encounter is reliant on integrity, mutual trust and respect, authenticity, freedom of expression, confidentiality and an ethical posture. With these fundamentals established the coaching process can explore the landscape and the goal emergence process with clarity, in confidence and with a shared vision and commitment.

The Exploration of potential can be realised through reflective dialogue providing a framework to transform and develop. For potential to be realised, self-awareness around barriers to change and transformation need to be explored. This requires awareness of the organisational landscape, individuals’ beliefs, values and resultant attitudes before the learning journey can lead to transformation.

Our coaching guides the coaching counterpart – ‘the explorer’ towards increased self-awareness around their internal world and realisation of the external world consisting of the organisational landscape, culture, social fabric, strategic vision and goals.

Individual and organisational transformation is reliant on the ability to learn, which augments the ability to change. Reflective dialogue in the coaching context can provide an alternative perspective and generate a collective advancement of ideas, responsibility and commitment.

The platform to Evolve stems from exploring the coaching counterparts subjective world and view of the organisational landscape.  With interferences and opportunities identified, goal emergence and ownership can be established enabling the coaching counterpart to take responsibility for their own learning and development.

Coaching in an evolutionary context focuses on the present to the future, versus sharing experiences of the past to make sense of the present.

Our coaching takes on the characteristic of appreciative inquiry to generate a growth mindset, and establish focus to support the goal emergence pathway through knowledge creation, self-awareness, self-regulation and reinvention.

This speaks of the importance of the coach’s emotional and social intelligence, empathy, challenging and overarching meta-skills to enable their coaching counterpart/s to explore and put meaning to their situation and understand the landscape in order to realise their potential, define the road map ahead, and achieve tangible goals augmented by a realistic action plan.